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panther condom price Certainly. Here’s a more professional take on Panther condom pricing in Bangladesh:

Panther Condoms: Price Considerations in Bangladesh

Panther condoms are a popular choice in Bangladesh, known for their textured varie designed to enhance pleasure. Their pricing structure varies depending on several factors:

  • Quantity: Panther condoms are generally available in single packs (typically containing 3 condoms) or full boxes (containing 36 condoms). As with most products, purchasing a larger quantity offers a lower price per unit.
  • Type: Panther offers a variety of condom types, including dotted, ribbed, and flavored options. These variations may have slight price differences depending on the retailer.
  • Retailer: The final price point depends on the chosen retailer. Online marketplaces like Daraz and brick-and-mortar pharmacies like Chaldal or Osudpotro may have varying pricing strategies and promotions.

Estimated Panther Condom Prices in Bangladesh (BDT):

  • Single Pack (3 Condoms): ৳40 – ৳55 (approximately USD $0.47 – $0.65)
  • Full Box (36 Condoms): ৳267 – ৳300 (approximately USD $3.14 – $3.53) on discount

For Professional Procurement:

While the above provides a general price range, for bulk purchases or specific contractual arrangements, it’s recommended to contact authorized Panther condom distributors in Bangladesh. They can provide tailored quotes based on your specific requirements and quantities.

Additional Considerations:

  • Prices can fluctuate, so it’s always a good practice to compare prices across different retailers before making a purchase.
  • Online retailers may offer promotions and discounts, so checking their websites or apps periodically can be beneficial.

By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions when purchasing Panther condoms in Bangladesh.


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