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walton washing machine price in bangladesh To give you accurate information about Walton washing machine prices in Bangladesh, I need some details about your preferences:

1. Type of washing machine:

  • Automatic Top Load: These are the most common and affordable option, with capacities ranging from 6kg to 15kg.
  • Automatic Front Load: These offer better water and energy efficiency but tend to be more expensive. Capacities typically range from 7kg to 12kg.
  • Semi-Automatic: These require manual intervention for transferring clothes to the drying spin cycle. They are the most budget-friendly option but also the least convenient.

2. Capacity:

  • Small (5kg-6kg): Suitable for small families or individuals.
  • Medium (7kg-10kg): Popular choice for average-sized families. walton washing machine price in bangladesh
  • Large (11kg-15kg): Ideal for large families or those who wash large loads frequently.

3. Features:

  • Inverter technology: Provides more efficient and quieter operation with longer lifespan.
  • Multiple washing programs: For different types of fabrics and stains.
  • Digital display: Easier to monitor and control wash settings.
  • Dryer functionality: Some models offer integrated drying capabilities.

4. Budget:

Knowing your budget range will help me recommend suitable models within your price point.

Once you provide some details about your preferences, I can give you specific recommendations for Walton washing machines in Bangladesh, including their prices and links to retailers where you can buy them.

Here’s a general overview of Walton washing machine prices in Bangladesh:

  • Automatic Top Load:
    • Small (5kg-6kg): BDT 16,000 – BDT 20,000
    • Medium (7kg-10kg): BDT 20,000 – BDT 30,000
    • Large (11kg-15kg): BDT 30,000 – BDT 40,000
  • Automatic Front Load:
    • Medium (7kg-10kg): BDT 35,000 – BDT 45,000
    • Large (11kg-12kg): BDT 45,000 – BDT 55,000
  • Semi-Automatic: BDT 7,000 – BDT 15,000

Remember, these are just starting prices, and the actual cost may vary depending on the specific model, features, and retailer.

I’m here to help you find the perfect Walton washing machine for your needs and budget. So, please let me know more about your preferences!


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