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walton refrigerator 12 cft price in bangladesh Based on your query for a Walton refrigerator with a 12 cubic feet (approximately 340 liters) capacity in Bangladesh, here’s what I found:

Available models:

Unfortunately, Walton doesn’t seem to offer any refrigerators with an exact 12 cubic feet capacity currently. However, they do have several options close to that size: walton refrigerator 12 cft price in bangladesh

  • Direct Cool:
    • WNF-3H6-GDEL-XX: 10.7 cubic feet (308 liters) – Price: BDT 27,990
    • WNF-3H7-GDEL-XX: 11.3 cubic feet (321 liters) – Price: BDT 29,990
  • Non-Frost:
    • WNF-12A9-GDNE-DD: 12.9 cubic feet (367 liters) – Price: BDT 33,990
    • WNF-13A9-GDNE-DD: 13.7 cubic feet (388 liters) – Price: BDT 35,990

Factors affecting price:

  • Type: Non-frost refrigerators generally cost more than direct cool models due to their advanced technology.
  • Features: Additional features like LED lights, temperature sensors, and multiple compartments can also influence the price.
  • Brand new vs. older models: Newer models might be slightly more expensive than older ones with similar features.

Where to buy:

You can find these Walton refrigerators at various retailers in Bangladesh, both online and offline. Here are some popular options:


Given your preference for a 12 cubic feet refrigerator, the closest options are either slightly smaller (direct cool) or slightly larger (non-frost). Consider the features and price difference to choose the best fit for your needs. If you prioritize a specific capacity feature, you could explore options from other brands or wait for potential future models from Walton.

I hope this information helps you find the perfect Walton refrigerator in Bangladesh!


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