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walton price in bangladesh Walton price in Bangladesh” is a bit broad, as Walton produces a wide range of products with varying prices. To give you the most helpful information, I need to know what specific Walton product you’re interested in. Here are some examples: walton price in bangladesh

  • Mobile phones: Prices range from BDT 5,000 for budget models to BDT 25,000 for flagship smartphones.
  • Televisions: Prices start around BDT 10,000 for small Smart TVs and go up to BDT 60,000 for larger models with advanced features.
  • Refrigerators: Direct cool models start around BDT 18,000, while non-frost options begin at BDT 27,000. Inverter refrigerators are the most expensive, starting at BDT 40,000.
  • Washing machines: Automatic top load machines start at BDT 16,000, while front load options begin at BDT 35,000. Semi-automatic washing machines are the most affordable, starting at BDT 7,000.
  • Air conditioners: Split ACs range from BDT 45,900 for 1-ton models to BDT 144,900 for 36G inverter models. Window ACs start at BDT 26,990 for a 6.1 cu ft direct cool model and go up to BDT 45,990 for a 1.5-ton inverter model.

Once you tell me what you’re interested in, I can give you specific price ranges, popular models, and even recommend stores where you can find them. Don’t hesitate to be specific!


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