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While “charger fan” isn’t a specific term typically used in the electronics market, I can help you understand what kinds of Walton fans might be related to your query. Here are some possibilities:

Rechargeable Fans with USB Charging:

  • Walton offers several rechargeable fans that can be charged through a USB port, like the WRTF9A personal fan with up to 6 hours of battery life. These can be plugged into a laptop, power bank, or wall adapter with a USB port.walton charger fan

Ceiling Fans with Remote Control:

  • Though not directly “chargers”, some Walton ceiling fans like the WCF-A562 come with ceiling controls that can regulate settings, potentially resembling the concept of “controlling” a fan.

Portable Fans with Power Bank Function:

  • Some Walton models like the WRSF16A-PBC stand fan feature a power bank function that allows them to charge other devices while operating on battery. This might be interpreted as a “charger fan” in a sense.

Fan with Built-in Phone Charger:

  • While not readily available yet, there might be future models like a desk fan with a built-in phone charger or charging pad, potentially aligning with the “charger fan” concept.

If you could provide more context or details about what you’re looking for, I can offer more specific information and recommendations on relevant Walton fans. Feel free to elaborate on features you need, size preferences, or what you envision in a “charger fan” to refine my suggestions.


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