singer double door fridge price in bangladesh

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singer double door fridge price in bangladesh When it comes to Singer double door refrigerators in Bangladesh, you have a good variety of options with different features and price points to consider. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate your search:


  • 260 liters: Ideal for small families or couples, priced around BDT 30,000 – BDT 35,000 (USD 350 – USD 400).

    • Models like FBDS260-BG and FBDS260Z-RG offer features like frost technology, adjustable shelves, bottle holders, and energy efficiency. singer double door fridge price in bangladesh
      • 320 liters: Suitable for mid-sized families, priced around BDT 35,000 – BDT 40,000 (USD 400 – USD 460).

        • Models like BCD-320Z-RG and FBDS320-BG offer similar features to the 260-liter models, with some boasting additional functionalities like Nutilock & Freshology technology or digital displays.
      • 400 liters and above: Perfect for larger families, starting from BDT 45,000 and going up (USD 520 and above).

        • Models like BCD-450S-RG and FBDS450-BG offer spacious interiors, ice dispensers, water dispensers, touch-screen control panels, and advanced cooling technologies.

      Additional Features:

      • Frost-free vs. direct cool: Frost-free technology requires minimal maintenance, while direct cool is often more energy-efficient but needs manual defrosting.
      • Inverter technology: Offers quieter operation and saves energy.
      • Water/ice dispenser: Convenient for easy access to chilled water and ice.
      • Digital display: Allows you to easily monitor and adjust temperature settings.
      • Adjustable shelves and compartments: Customize the storage space to suit your needs.

      Finding the Best Deal:

      • Compare prices across online and offline retailers in Bangladesh.
      • Look for ongoing promotions and discounts, especially around major holidays or shopping seasons.
      • Consider online reviews and user feedback to get insights into different models’ performance and reliability.

      Remember, exact prices might fluctuate slightly depending on retailer, availability, and specific features of the model. However, I hope this information helps you narrow down your choices and find the perfect Singer double door refrigerator for your needs and budget in Bangladesh!


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