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singer blender price in bangladesh When it comes to Singer blenders in Bangladesh, you have a variety of options ranging from budget-friendly to feature-packed models. Here’s a breakdown of their current pricing:

Basic Blenders:

  • Starting from around BDT 1,500 (USD 17), these are simple blenders with 2-4 speeds and plastic jars. Perfect for basic tasks like mixing smoothies or milkshakes.
  • Priced from around BDT 2,500 to BDT 4,000 (USD 29 to USD 46), these blenders offer more power (500W to 750W) and versatility with multiple speeds and settings. Some include stainless steel blades and glass jars.
  • Starting from around BDT 5,000 and going up to BDT 10,000 (USD 57 to USD 115), these boast powerful motors (800W or more), multiple pre-programmed settings for different tasks like crushing ice or pureeing, and additional accessories like grinding mills or chopper attachments. singer blender price in bangladesh
  • Finding the best price:

    • You can find Singer blenders at authorized retailers across Bangladesh, both online and offline.
    • Be sure to compare prices and features before making a purchase.
    • Online retailers often offer discounts and promotions, so it’s worth checking their websites.

    Additional tips:

    • Consider your needs and budget when choosing a blender. Do you need it for basic tasks or heavy-duty blending?
    • Think about the features that are important to you, such as power, number of speeds, and jar material.
    • Read reviews of different models before making a purchase. singer blender price in bangladesh


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