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Finding the exact price for a Kiam rice cooker can be tricky as their website lacks detailed product information and online listings have inconsistent pricing. However, based on my research, here’s what I can tell you about Kiam rice cooker prices in Bangladesh:

General Price Range:

  • Basic 1.8L rice cookers: BDT 1,500 – BDT 2,500
  • Medium 2.8L rice cookers: BDT 2,500 – BDT 4,000
  • Large 3+L rice cookers: BDT 4,000+

Specific Kiam Models:

  • Kiam Double Pot Rice Cooker (2.8L): This model with separate cooking chambers is popular but pricing information is elusive. It might fall within the BDT 3,500 – BDT 4,500 range based on similar models from other brands.
  • Kiam Big Boss Pressure Cooker (4.5L): This versatile appliance combines pressure cooking and rice cooking functionalities, and its price may range around BDT 2,500 – BDT 3,500.

Finding the best price:

  • Contact Kiam directly: While their website lacks details, contacting Kiam through their Facebook page or listed phone numbers might reveal specific prices for their rice cookers.
  • Check online marketplaces: Search platforms like Chaldal, Pickaboo, or Evaly for “Kiam rice cooker” listings. Prices might vary, but you can compare options and potentially find deals.
  • Visit physical stores: Electronics stores like Aarong, Brand Bazar, or Star Tech might carry Kiam rice cookers and offer direct pricing information.

Additional Tips:

  • Read reviews: Before purchasing, look for online reviews of specific Kiam rice cooker models to get an idea of their performance and user experience.
  • Compare features: Consider features like pre-cooking, keep-warm, or multi-cooking options when comparing different models.
  • Prioritize reputable sellers: Ensure you buy from authorized retailers or established stores to avoid counterfeit products.

Remember, while Kiam’s online presence might be limited, contacting them directly, checking online marketplaces, and visiting physical stores can help you find the best price for their rice cookers in Bangladesh. Don’t hesitate to negotiate for competitive quotes during your search!

I hope this information helps you find the perfect Kiam rice cooker at the best price!


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