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rfl hose pipe price in bangladesh Unfortunately, I cannot provide a single, definitive price for RFL hose pipes in Bangladesh due to several factors:

  1. Variety of Products: RFL offers a wide range of hose pipes with different sizes, materials, pressure ratings, and features, all affecting the price.
  2. Multiple Retailers: The price can vary depending on the retailer you choose, each having its own pricing strategy and potential promotions.
  3. Location: Prices might differ across different regions within Bangladesh due to transportation costs and local market variations.

However, I can help you narrow down the search by providing some resources and methods:

1. RFL Website:

  • Visit the official RFL websiteThey showcase various hose pipe categories with sizes and technical specifications. While prices might not be listed directly, you can contact them for specific inquiries.

2. Online Retailers:

  • Search for “RFL hose pipe price Bangladesh” on online shopping platforms like Othoba  Chaldal (or Daraz. This will give you a range of prices based on different hose pipe types and sellers.

3. Local Hardware Stores:

  • Visit local hardware stores in your area and inquire about RFL hose pipe prices. This can provide insights into pricing in your specific location and allow you to compare options directly.

Remember to consider the factors mentioned above (size, material, pressure rating, features) when comparing prices, as they significantly impact the overall cost.

I hope this helps you find the best RFL hose pipe for your needs at a competitive price in Bangladesh!


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