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philips monitor price in bangladesh Philips monitors come in a wide range with varying prices in Bangladesh, influenced by factors like screen size, resolution, refresh rate, panel type, and features. Here’s a general overview to help you navigate:

Screen Size:

  • 19-24 inches: ৳6,000 – ৳15,000
  • 27-32 inches: ৳15,000 – ৳30,000
  • 34 inches and above: ৳30,000+


  • Full HD (1920×1080): ৳6,000 – ৳15,000
  • QHD (2560×1440): ৳15,000 – ৳25,000
  • 4K UHD (3840×2160): ৳25,000+

Refresh Rate:

  • 60Hz: Standard for basic use, ৳6,000 – ৳20,000
  • 75Hz: Suitable for casual gaming and smoother visuals, ৳10,000 – ৳25,000
  • 144Hz and above: Ideal for competitive gaming and high-action content, ৳20,000+

Panel Type:

  • TN: Most affordable, good response time but limited viewing angles, ৳6,000 – ৳15,000
  • VA: Deeper blacks and better contrast, ৳10,000 – ৳25,000 philips monitor price in bangladesh
  • IPS: Wider viewing angles and color accuracy, ৳15,000+

Here are some popular Philips monitor models in Bangladesh and their estimated prices:

  • Philips 221V8 22″ FHD Monitor: ৳9,500 – 11,500 (TN panel, 60Hz)

    To find the perfect Philips monitor in Bangladesh, consider:

    • Your needs: What will you be using the monitor for? Work, gaming, entertainment, or a combination?
    • Budget: Set a realistic budget to narrow down your options.
    • Features: Prioritize features like resolution, refresh rate, panel type, and ports based on your needs.
    • Screen size: Choose a size that fits your desk space and viewing comfort.

    Here are some resources to find Philips monitors in Bangladesh:

    • Online retailers: Daraz, Pickaboo, Chaldal
    • Electronics stores: Aarong, Brand Bazar, E-City
    • Philips official website: You can check the Philips Bangladesh website for their latest products and prices.

    I hope this information helps you find the perfect Philips monitor for your needs and budget in Bangladesh!


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