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philips induction cooker price in bangladesh The price of Philips induction cookers in Bangladesh can vary depending on the specific model, features, and retailer. However, here’s a general idea of the price range:

Model: Estimated Price Range (৳)
Philips HD4911/00 Daily Collection Induction Cooker 8,650 – 9,600
Philips HD4929 Induction Cooker 10,500 – 12,000
Philips HD4920 Daily Collection Induction Cooker 11,000 – 12,500

Here are some resources where you can find the actual price of specific Philips induction cookers in Bangladesh:

  • Online retailers: Many online retailers in Bangladesh, like Daraz, Pickaboo, and Chaldal, sell Philips induction cookers. You can search their websites for specific models and compare prices.
  • Electronics stores: You can also find Philips induction cookers at larger electronics stores in Bangladesh, such as Aarong, Brand Bazar, and E-City.
  • Philips official website: You can check the Philips Bangladesh website for their latest products and prices. philips induction cooker price in bangladesh

Additional factors to consider when looking for Philips induction cookers in Bangladesh:

  • Power output: Choose a cooker with enough power to handle your cooking needs. Most models range from 1800W to 2100W.
  • Features: Some models offer additional features like auto-off timers, temperature control settings, and multi-cooking programs. Consider which features are important to you.
  • Warranty: Make sure the cooker comes with a good warranty.

I hope this information helps you find the best deal on a Philips induction cooker in Bangladesh!


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