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panther condom price in bangladesh The price of Panther condoms in Bangladesh can vary depending on the specific type, pack size, and retailer. Here’s a general idea based on popular online retailers:


Pack Size:

  • Box of 9 pieces: ৳70 – ৳75
  • Box of 36 pieces: ৳260 – ৳350 (significantly cheaper per piece)


  • Online retailers: Often offer wider selections and competitive prices. Examples:,, [invalid URL removed]
  • Pharmacies: Convenient but might have limited variety and potentially higher prices.
  • Supermarkets: May have limited selection and fluctuating prices.

Tips for finding the best price:

  • Compare prices online: Check multiple retailers for the best deal. panther condom price in bangladesh
  • Look for bulk discounts: Buying larger packs can be cheaper per piece.
  • Consider promotions and coupons: Online retailers often offer deals and discounts.
  • Ask at local pharmacies: They might have competitive prices and offer guidance.

Remember: While price is important, prioritize buying condoms from reputable sources that guarantee quality and proper storage. Expired or damaged condoms can compromise protection.


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