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miyako room heater price in bangladesh Miyako offers a variety of room heaters in Bangladesh, catering to different needs and budgets. Here’s a quick overview of some popular options:

Basic Models:

  • Miyako PTC-602: This is a compact and affordable option, perfect for small rooms or occasional use. It features two heat settings (1000W and 2000W) and automatic shut-off. Price range: ৳3000 – ৳3500.

Miyako PTC-159B: This slightly larger model boasts three heat settings (500W, 1000W, and 2000W) and an adjustable thermostat for better temperature control. Price range: ৳3500 – ৳4000.

Miyako PTC-2068: This 2000W heater features advanced safety functions like tip-over and overheat protection. It also has a fan mode for air circulation and a remote control for added convenience. Price range: ৳3500 – ৳4500.

  • Miyako EPC-5512: This ceramic heater offers efficient and even heating with its 2200W power. It comes with a remote control, overheat protection, and a digital display. Price range: ৳4500 – ৳5000. miyako room heater price in bangladesh

Premium Models:

  • Miyako PTC-5211: This 2500W heater boasts a wide range of features, including a humidifier, air purifier, and adjustable oscillation for better heat distribution. It also has a timer, remote control, and a digital display. Price range: ৳5500 – ৳6500.

  • Miyako Halogen Heater ATC-32C: This halogen heater uses infrared technology for fast and targeted heating. It features three heat settings, a remote control, and overheat protection. Price range: ৳4500 – ৳5500.


  • These are just examples, and actual prices may vary depending on retailers and promotions.
  • Consider your needs, budget, room size, and desired features when choosing a room heater.
  • Look for safety features like tip-over and overheat protection.

I hope this helps you find the perfect Miyako room heater for your cozy winter days in Bangladesh!


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