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miyako rice cooker price in bangladesh Miyako rice cookers come in a variety of models and capacities to suit different needs and budgets in Bangladesh. Here’s a quick overview of some popular options:

Miyako MRC-528 YLD (2.8L): This is a simple and affordable rice cooker with a 2.8L capacity, perfect for small families or individuals. It features automatic keep-warm function and one-touch operation. Price range: ৳2,500 – ৳3,000.

Miyako ASL-1280 KND RED: This 1.8L rice cooker is another budget-friendly option with basic functions like automatic keep-warm and steam cooking. Price range: ৳2,800 – ৳3,300.
Miyako ASL-300-KND Rose (3L): This 3L rice cooker offers multiple cooking options like porridge, soup, and cake besides regular rice cooking. It also comes with a steamer basket and measuring cup. Price range: ৳4,200 – ৳4,800.
Miyako ASL-602 Carina (2.8L): This versatile rice cooker features 8 pre-programmed cooking modes, a digital display, and a 24-hour timer. It also includes a steamer basket and soup spoon. Price range: ৳3,500 – ৳4,000.
Miyako MCM-508: This 5L rice cooker is ideal for large families or frequent cooking. It boasts advanced features like Fuzzy Logic technology for precise cooking, 15 cooking programs, and a voice control option. Price range: ৳5,000 – ৳5,500.

Miyako MRC-928 MSIA: This premium rice cooker comes with a 2.8L inner pot made of high-quality IH stainless steel for even heat distribution. It also features 11 cooking programs, a touch control panel, and a memory function. Price range: ৳4,500 – ৳5,000.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and the actual prices may vary depending on the retailer and ongoing promotions. It’s always a good idea to compare prices and features before making a purchase.


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