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Miyako oven options in Bangladesh:

Miyako offers a variety of ovens in Bangladesh, catering to different needs and budgets. Here’s a quick overview to help you navigate your options:

Basic Electric Ovens:

  • Miyako ME-2028: An affordable choice with 22L capacity, perfect for single individuals or couples. Features basic baking and grilling functions with manual knob controls. Price range: ৳6,000 – ৳7,000.

  • Miyako ME-3088: Offers slightly more space with 30L capacity. Features baking, grilling, and toasting functions along with a rotisserie for chicken or other roasts. Price range: ৳8,000 – ৳9,000.

Mid-Range Convection Ovens:

  • Miyako MECO-7015: A 38L convection oven with hot air circulation for faster and more even cooking. Features baking, grilling, toasting, and defrosting functions along with interior light and timer. Price range: ৳12,000 – ৳13,000. miyako oven price in bangladesh

  • Miyako MECO-8028: This 45L convection oven provides ample space for larger families or frequent baking enthusiasts. Features include baking, grilling, toasting, defrosting, rotisserie, and interior light with a digital display and touch controls. Price range: ৳15,000 – ৳16,000.

Premium Oven Options:

  • Miyako METO-4018: A built-in microwave oven with 25L capacity, combining baking, grilling, and microwave functions in one appliance. Features touch controls, digital display, and various pre-programmed cooking options. Price range: ৳20,000 – ৳22,000. miyako oven price in bangladesh

  • Miyako MOTG-2068: This gas oven offers a traditional cooking experience with 64L capacity, ideal for large families or baking enthusiasts. Features gas burners, thermostat control, and interior light. Price range: ৳18,000 – ৳20,000.


  • These are just examples, and actual prices may vary depending on retailers and promhttps://educationonlineshop.com/otions.
  • Consider your needs, budget, and kitchen space when choosing an oven.
  • Compare features like capacity, functions, controls, and safety aspects before making a purchase.

I hope this helps you find the perfect Miyako oven for your baking adventures in Bangladesh!


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