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meyeder sona kothay thake To answer the question of where women’s gold is, we must first understand what we mean by gold. If by gold we mean economic wealth, then girls’ gold is mainly their education, skills, career, and personal possessions. All these are important for economic independence and empowerment of girls.


meyeder sona kothay thake


Girls’ education and skills are critical to their economic empowerment. Educated and skilled girls can get good jobs, which generate their income. Also, they can start businesses or other ventures, which help them achieve financial independence.

Women’s careers are one of the most important means of achieving financial independence. Girls who succeed in careers can ensure economic security for themselves and their families through their earnings.

Personal property of girls, like house, land, car, etc. is also important for their economic security. These assets strengthen the financial base of girls and help them cope with various situations in life.


meyeder sona ki vabe thake

So, by girls gold we mean their economic wealth. These resources are critical for girls’ economic independence and empowerment.

Also, some people consider girls’ beauty as gold. In this case, the gold of girls refers to their physical beauty, such as beautiful face, hair, body, etc. Girls’ beauty can enhance their confidence and personality.

Finally, to call girls gold we can also consider the beauty of their soul. In this case, girls’ gold refers to their qualities of love, kindness, compassion, etc. The beauty of the soul of girls influences the people around them and makes them better people.


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