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I apologize for the misunderstanding. I’m not sure what you mean by “many bag”, but I can provide you with information about different types of bags if you’d like.

Here are some examples of different types of bags:

Handbags are typically used by women to carry personal items such as wallets, keys, makeup, and phones. They come in a variety of styles, including totes, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and clutches.

Backpacks are typically used to carry heavier items such as books, laptops, and clothes. They are often used by students and travelers.

Luggage is used to transport belongings when traveling. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles, including trolley cases, duffel bags, and suitcases.

Other types of bags:
There are many other types of bags, such as messenger bags, gym bags, diaper bags, and beach bags.


The price of bags in Bangladesh varies depending on the type of bag, the brand, the material, and the quality. However, here are some general price ranges for different types of bags:


Tote bags: ৳165 to ৳1,800
Shoulder bags: ৳800 to ৳1,200
Crossbody bags: ৳600 to ৳1,000
Clutches: ৳500 to ৳800

Mini backpacks: ৳120 to ৳400
Laptop backpacks: ৳1,650 to ৳2,900
Travel backpacks: ৳1,500 to ৳3,000

Trolley cases: ৳1,078 to ৳3,100
Duffel bags: ৳399 to ৳1,450
Suitcases: ৳1,290 to ৳1,750
Please note that these are just estimates and the actual price of a bag may be higher or lower depending on the factors mentioned above.

Here are some popular brands of bags in Bangladesh and their price ranges:

Apex: ৳500 to ৳2,000
Aarong: ৳1,000 to ৳5,000
Yellow: ৳500 to ৳2,000
Ecstasy: ৳500 to ৳2,000
DressUp: ৳500 to ৳2,000


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