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igloo ice cream price in bangladesh Igloo ice cream comes in various sizes and flavors, so the price can vary depending on your selection. Here’s a breakdown to help you:

By Size:

  • Small tubs (100-200ml): ৳30-50
  • Large tubs (500ml-1L): ৳80-300
  • Cones and sticks: ৳10-30

By Flavor:

  • Classic flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry): Affordable, cv within the ৳30-50 range for small tubs and ৳80-130 for large tubs.
  • Premium flavors (mango, blueberry, malai): Slightly more expensive, usually ৳40-60 for small tubs and ৳100-200 for large tubs.
  • Exotic flavors (almond split, swiss chocolate): Most expensive option, priced around ৳1000 for a pack of 10 cones or sticks.igloo ice cream price in bangladesh

By Type:

  • Regular ice cream: Prices mentioned above
  • Ice cream cones and sticks: ৳10-30 each
  • Ice cream sandwiches: ৳20-40 each
  • Lollipops: ৳10-20 each
  • Family packs: Offer a variety of flavors and sizes at discounted prices compared to individual purchases.

Where to buy:

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores: Generally have the widest selection and competitive prices.
  • Convenience stores: More limited selection but convenient, prices might be slightly higher.
  • Online retailers: Daraz, Chaldal, Shohoz offer convenient delivery but prices might vary.
  • Igloo website: Offers direct purchase with exclusive deals and bundles.

Tips for finding the best price:

  • Compare prices across different stores and platforms.
  • Look for sales and promotions, especially during festivals or holidays.
  • Consider buying in bulk if you eat Igloo ice cream often.
  • Check the Igloo website for exclusive deals and bundles.

Remember: These are just general price ranges. The actual price you pay may vary depending on the specific product, size, flavor, and where you buy it.

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