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habbe nishat tablet price Certainly! Here’s a more comprehensive response to help you find Habbe Nishat tablet prices and navigate its use responsibly

habbe nishat tablet price

Understanding Habbe Nishat and Its Cost

Habbe Nishat is a medication belonging to the Unani system of medicine. While its price varies depending on quantity, brand, and retailer, online searches on Bangladeshi websites suggest a range of:

  • ₹140 (Indian Rupee) for a pack of 10 tablets
  • ₹700 (Indian Rupee) for a pack of 80 tablets (5 packs of 16 tablets each)

Prioritizing Safe and Informed Use

It’s important to remember that Habbe Nishat is an Unani medicine. Unlike conventional medications, Unani treatments are based on a traditional system with a unique approach to health and wellness. Here’s why consulting a qualified Unani medical practitioner (Hakim) is crucial before using Habbe Nishat tablets:

  • Dosage Guidance: A Hakim can determine the appropriate dosage of Habbe Nishat based on your individual needs and health condition. This personalized approach ensures you receive the potential benefits without exceeding safe limits.

  • Potential Interactions: Unani medications may interact with conventional medicines you’re taking. A Hakim can assess your current prescriptions to identify any potential interactions and recommend alternative approaches if necessary.

  • Understanding Uses and Limitations: Habbe Nishat is claimed to have various uses within the Unani system of medicine. Consulting a Hakim can help you understand the specific intended purpose of the tablets in your case and manage your expectations about potential results.

Finding the Best Price

Once you’ve spoken with a qualified Unani medical practitioner and they’ve determined Habbe Nishat is suitable for you, here are some suggestions for finding the most competitive price in Bangladesh:

  • Online Marketplaces: Popular Bangladeshi online marketplaces like Daraz (https://www.daraz.com.bd/) or Chaldal ([invalid URL removed]) allow you to search for “Habbe Nishat” and compare prices from various sellers. This can be a convenient way to find the best deal.

  • Local Pharmacies: Many pharmacies in Bangladesh stock Unani medicines. Visit your local pharmacy and inquire about Habbe Nishat, their brands, and current prices. Pharmacists may also be able to offer guidance on reputable Unani brands.

Remember: While I can provide this general information, consulting a qualified Unani medical practitioner is the most responsible course of action before using Habbe Nishat tablets. They can ensure it aligns with your specific needs and provide proper guidance on usage and potential side effects.


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