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durex condom price in bangladesh As I mentioned earlier, Durex condoms are typically the most expensive option in Bangladesh, costing around ৳80-100 per pack of 3. However, the exact price can vary depending on:

Specific type of Durex condom: Different varieties like flavored, textured, or extra-thin variants might have different prices.

Where you buy them: Online retailers like Chaldal or Shajgoj might offer discounts compared to physical pharmacies.

Number of condoms in a pack: Larger packs tend to be slightly cheaper per condom.

Here are some examples of Durex condom prices in Bangladesh: durex condom price in bangladesh

  • Durex Originals Extra Safe (12 pack): ৳1213 on Shajgoj
  • Durex Coloured and Flavoured Fruit Flavoured Condoms (12 pack): ৳1213 on Shajgoj
  • Durex Pleasure Me (12 pack): ৳1188 on Shajgoj
  • Durex Fetherlite Ultra (3 pack): ৳286 on Shajgoj
  • Durex Condoms Thin Feel (12 pack): Not readily available online, price might be around ৳80-100 in pharmacies.

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Remember, using condoms is crucial for safe sex, and even though Durex might be slightly more expensive, it’s important to choose a condom that fits you comfortably and offers the desired features.


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